About the artist

I believe painting speaks in its own language.


Short Biography

Katherine Borkowski Byrne is known for her intuitive brushwork and the use of accidents to

express pure experience.  With opera music playing, she paints with old socks, sticks, and

fingers as well as brushes.  The paint flies all over the studio often landing on her head and face. 

The energy is a physical energy as she dances and moves around the canvas on the wall or paper

on the floor and she is totally absorbed into the act of painting.  She captures that feeling of

oneness between the human touch of the marks made and the natural forces at work in the

landscape using the wonderful shapes found in the twigs, roots, vines, rocks, water, flowers,

bugs and other creatures.    Her influences include the American abstract expressionists, the

German Expressionists and the philosophy and ideas found in Zen.  

Borkowski-Byrne's work hangs in many private and public collections.  She is a graduate of the

Boston Museum School and Tufts University.